Have you ever wondered what microphone the President of the United States uses to deliver his message? 

Quick Answer: Since 1965, every President of the United States has used a Shure SM57 as the official lectern microphone.

Shure SM57 VIP Microphone

The President of the United States doesn’t use a typical Shure SM57 microphone, instead they use a variation of the Shure SM57 that involves an optional windscreen and shock absorber. 

Typical Shure SM57 Configuration

Typically the President of the United States uses two Shure SM57 microphones with some additional accessories:

  • 2 – SM57 Microphone 
  • 1 – VIP55SM Custom dual horizontal shock mount 
  • 1 – A26M Vertical dual mount 
  • 2 – A2WS Windscreens (For Indoor Use)
  • 2 – A81WS Windscreens (For Outdoor Use)

Instead of leaving the microphone capsule exposed, the President uses the Shure A2WS Windscreen for indoor use and the Shure S81WS Windscreen for outdoor use. 

Typically, both microphones are mounted side by side using the A26M Vertical dual mount and the VIP55SM Custom Dual Horizontal Shock Mount. This allows both microphones to be mounted side by side while providing sound isolation that typically happens when presenters bump the podium.

It is rumoured that one microphone is wired into the sound system (PA system) and the second microphone is wired into the press box that the media can monitor. If one microphone ever fails, they can use their mixing console to allow the remaining microphone to feed both sources (in room, media). 

President Trump

President Trump Microphone
Outdoor Presidential Microphone on Gooseneck Stand

President Trump famously changed the height and quantity of the Presidential microphone. 

Instead of the typical dual Shure SM57 configuration on a short stand, President Trump uses a single Shure SM57 microphone on a 20″ gooseneck stand. 

By having the microphone closer to his face, he can take advantage of the Proximity Effect which increases the low frequency response of the microphone and increase his vocal presence delivering his message.

Pricing of Presidential Microphone Equipment

Presidential Microphone Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:20 – Shure SM57 VIP
  • 0:40 – A2WS Windscreen
  • 0:55 – A81WS Windscreen
  • 1:05 – Mounts
  • 1:13 – Typical Presidential Microphone Setup
  • 1:29 – President Trump Microphone Setup
  • 1:39 – Redundancy VS Proximity Effect
  • 2:00 – Why The Switch?
  • 2:40 – Why Use The Shure SM57?
  • 3:55 – Final Thoughts

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