The Rode PSA1 Boom Arm is one of the best microphone booms in our studio. Why is it the best? We’ll give you an in-depth review of its features and other parts that need improvement.

Quick Answer: The Rode PSA1 is the best boom arm that we recommend for the Shure SM7B

Shure SM7B & Rode PSA1 Boom Arm Overview

The Rode PSA1 is a professional studio boom arm that does the job that any audio producer or content creator would love to have. Its sturdy and sleek design makes it a perfect stand for home audio recordings and podcasting.

It can support 700 – 1,100 grams of weight which is perfect for our Shure SM7B Microphone. It also has a horizontal reach of 820 millimeters and a vertical reach of 840mm.

Precise and Stable Positioning

We love this boom arm because it moves, stops, and stays at the precise position you want it to be. This reduces the effort to keep on tightening the knobs or screws, so your microphone stays in place without effort.

Other boom arms tend to float, sag, or drift and don’t hold their position, as well as the Rode PSA1 Boom Arm, does with the Shure SM7B.

This is a very comfortable stand to use.

Cable Management

Compared to modern boom-style stands, the cable management on the Rode PSA1 isn’t as discreet. The only path for the XLR cable is to go over the stand and requires velcro strips to hold the cable where it’s supposed to be.

More discreet methods of hiding the cable aren’t available (tape etc) because the cable needs to move as you adjust the stand.

Ongoing Maintenance

The screws of a boom arm tend to loosen up after long periods of use. Every 6-12 months you will need to tighten the three screws slightly to maintain stiffness and support in the stand. 

We’ve never had to replace parts on the Rode PSA1 due to normal use. 

SM7B Cable Issue 

The SM7B Microphone can only turn 90 degrees without hitting the Rode PSA 1. It hits the thumbscrews at both left and right sides. This can limit how far your microphone can turn. We recommend buying the 3” Extension Tube ( to resolve this issue. 

Chrome Parts

The chrome parts on the Rode PSA1 can be problematic. If you’re using the stand on camera for video conferencing, podcasting, or live streaming, the chrome finish causes a distraction as light reflects on it.  

Desk Mount & Clamp

Rode PSA1 Clamp

The clamp and mount that came with it are sturdy and stable. However, some tiny details may be improved for optimum compatibility with any desk or table.

The clamp can fit into desks 55-70 mm thick. However, if you wish to clamp it on a thinner desk or surface, it would mean you have to use metal washers or other adjustments to clamp it in.

Another small detail that they might want to improve is adding foam on the part that touches the table’s underside. The foam on the top works well and doesn’t damage the top surface of any glossy desk, but we think it’s best if it has the same protection for the underside.

Lastly, the mounts fit perfectly with the stand. However, if they want the clamps to be more flexible with other stands, adding a tension knob or any sort of adjustment in the opening is a big help.

Final Verdict

The Rode PSA1 Boom Arm does an excellent job with its functionality – and this is what matters most.

All the other criticisms we have on this stand are just the little things that would be nice to have or improve on it, and it will be perfect. After all, most of them can be quickly addressed and amended with other accessories.

But if you’re looking for a sturdy stand that stays in place, this is the best one that we recommend using.

Shure SM7B & Rode PSA1 Pricing:

Shure SM7B & Rode PSA1 Topics: 

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:37 – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:59 – Positioning & Maneuverability
  • 3:02 – PSA1 Needs Extension Tube
  • 4:36 – Chrome Tension Screws
  • 5:23 – Scissor Geometry
  • 6:04 – Cable Management
  • 6:46 – Maintenance
  • 7:20 – Desk Mounts
  • 10:50 – 3″ Extension Tube Demo
  • 11:19 – Summary & Overall Opinion
  • 12:20 – Final Thoughts


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