Quickly and easily turn your Shure ULX lav pack upside down to give yourself more flexibility when installing it on a presenter. Keep reading to find out why and how to do it.

Quick Answer: If you want to have the lav pack antenna and lav mic wiring exit the pack downwards, simply remove the clip from the bodypack and reattach it the other way around.

When Would It Be Useful To Turn The Shure Lav Pack Upside Down?

It can be helpful to mount the Shure ULX lav pack upside down for various reasons. For example, if your presenter is wearing a long shirt, the antenna and lav mic wiring could cause bunching under the shirt.

How To Turn The Shure ULX Lav Pack Upside Down

  1. Remove the clip from the back of the lav pack
  2. Turn the clip through 180°
  3. Reattach the clip to the bodypack using the same mounting points

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