Trying to future out how to mute your Shure SM7B microphone during a live stream, podcast, or online meeting? In this article, we’ll show you 2 different ways to mute the Shure SM7B using a single device.

Quick Answer: If you don’t have an audio interface or mixer with a mute button, we recommend using an inline mute switch. The Rolls MS111 has 2 modes to suit a variety of situations.

Audio Mixer/Audio Interface Mute Button

The Shure SM7B doesn’t have a built-in mute button, so you’ll have to rely on another device if you want this functionality. Audio mixers like the Mackie ProFX10v3 have individual mute buttons for each channel. Similarly, audio interfaces like the Elgato Wave XLR have a master mute button.

If you already have one of these devices, you can use the built-in mute buttons.

For a whole list of niche-specific gear recommendations, check out our series of audio equipment buyers guides.

Inline XLR Mute Button

If your mixer or interface doesn’t have a mute feature, an inline XLR mute button is the next best thing. We recommend the Rolls MS111 MicSwitch as it gives you the choice of 2 different muting modes.

As with any other inline audio equipment, it goes between the mic and the mixer/interface. This means you’ll need an additional XLR cable.

Shure SM7B > XLR cable > Rolls mute switch > XLR cable > Audio mixer/interface.

Cough Mute Button

Cough mode is the first of two settings on the Rolls mute switch. In this mode, you press and hold the button down to mute the SM7B. The mic will be active again as soon as you release the button.

We think this is useful for live streaming and podcasting, where you want to mute the mic for a few seconds while you cough or sneeze. The physical button on your desk allows you to do this instinctively.

Latch Mute Button

Set the Rolls MS111 to latch mode, and the button will act as a toggle switch. Press it once to mute the SM7B and a second time to continue speaking.

We like latch mode for online meetings where there may be long periods that we don’t need to talk. It would be annoying having to hold a mute button down for minutes at a time, so latch mode works well in this situation.

Mute Shure SM7B Pricing

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