In this article, we share our experience of using the Shure SM7B with the Gator Frameworks 3000 boom arm. Keep reading for everything you need to know about using this combination in a home studio, podcast, or broadcast environment.

Quick Answer: The Gator Frameworks 3000 is the best-looking boom arm on the market that also meets our functionality expectations. It’s not the fastest boom arm to use, but it solves many issues that bug its competitors, is well constructed, and has excellent cable management for the Shure SM7B.

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Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm Color & Finish

The Frameworks 3000 has a dark, matte black, anti-reflective finish that doesn’t catch the light. The designers have clearly put thought into making this boom arm camera-friendly, as many competing products have unnecessary chrome components that create distracting reflections under studio and ambient lighting.

Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm Branding Opportunities

Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm

The boom arm features a prominent logo that is no doubt intended to appear in your video content. If you’re not creating visual content, this probably isn’t a huge deal. 

If you are making videos, the tubular frame gives you plenty of space to cover this up with your own logo or branding decal, and gaff tape is always an option if you just want it covered up.

Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm Cable Management

The Frameworks 3000 boom arm has an embedded XLR cable, offering excellent cable management for the Shure SM7B and other XLR microphones. The cable is hidden and as out of the way as possible.

You’ll be disappointed if you’re particular about XLR cable brands as you’re stuck with the embedded one. So long as an XLR cable is adequately shielded, we’ve never found a meaningful difference between the brands. We have no problems with the cable in the Frameworks 3000.

If you want to use a USB mic, one downside of the Frameworks 3000 is that you just have to run your cable behind the boom arm, tape it in position, and somehow hide the loose XLR cable. This product is clearly built with XLR microphones in mind.

Shure SM7B & Gator Frameworks 3000 Drift, Lift, & Shake

Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone

The Frameworks 3000 boom arm is prone to the shaking that other tube-style mic stands suffer from, a result of the geometry of the design.

However, it performs much better than the competition in terms of drift and lift. Many tubular boom arms won’t stay in position and tend to lift or drift up when set at an angle of 90° or less. The knobs on the Frameworks 3000 are heavy-duty, and you can really tighten them down to lock the arm in position.

Shure SM7B & Gator Frameworks 3000 Maneuverability

If you’re looking for a really transparent stand that you can move around without thinking, the Frameworks 3000 probably isn’t for you as you’ll have to loosen and tighten the knobs to keep it in certain positions.

That said, you can maneuver this boom arm into low, mid, standing, and overhead positions that suit most preferences. There are a couple of compromises compared to a scissor-based stand, but if looks and cable management are important to you, this is the way to go.

Shure SM7B 3″ Extension Tube

Shure 3in Extension Tube

The Shure SM7B’s support-mounted XLR output means that the Frameworks 3000’s XLR cable hits the stand’s tightening knob when you rotate the mic.

It’s never been a problem for us, and we don’t notice it 99% of the time, so we don’t feel it’s a problem that needs solving. However, if you need more rotation from your mic, the Shure 3″ extension tube will lower the mic support so that the XLR cable is clear of the knob.

  • Shure 3″ Extension Tube:
  • Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm Desk Clamps

    The Gator Frameworks 3000’s desk clamp is our favorite out of any shipped with the boom arms that we own. Here’s what we love about the Frameworks desk clamp:

    • The clamp tightens all the way shut
      In some situations, we’ve wanted to clamp a boom arm to an angled bracket attached to the side of a table. This has been impossible with competing desk clamps, but the Frameworks 3000 will clamp to anything.
    • Both sides of the clamp have felt
      It sounds like a small thing, but it means that the clamp won’t damage either side of a table. This is important if you’re working in temporary locations, using someone else’s table or desk.
    • Multiple mounting orientations
      There is a hole in the top and a hole in the side of the clamp for the stand stem, meaning you can clamp it to a vertical surface too. This would make an excellent solution for a roll-top desk.

    The permanent desktop mount isn’t the most elegant design, but it’s very functional.

    • Tension screw
      A simple feature to stop the boom arm swinging around that is sadly missing on other mounts.
    • Flexible fittings
      The opening in the base has a wide tolerance, meaning you can use the stand with other boom arms you may own.

    Shure SM7B & Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm Pricing & Specs

    Shure SM7B & Gator Frameworks 3000 Boom Arm | In-Depth Review Topics

    • 0:00 – Introduction
    • 0:15 – Pricing & Specs
    • 0:35 – Gator Frameworks 3000 Overview
    • 1:47 – Color & Finish
    • 2:16 – Branding Opportunities
    • 2:30 – Cable Management
    • 3:32 – Drifting, Lifting, & Shaking
    • 5:25 – Maneuverability 
    • 5:58 – Shure 3″ Extension Tube
    • 6:53 – Desk Clamps
    • 9:29 – Shure 3″ Extension Tube Demo
    • 10:07 – Review
    • 10:37 – Final Thoughts