Let’s take a look at the ProStand 12’6″ Crank Up Lighting stand and show you how to properly set it up at an event.

Prostand Crank Up Lighting stand

1. Unfolding the Legs

To get started, you will need to unfold the legs and give them a good base to stand on. There is a T-nut at the bottom that you can tighten to lock the legs. 

2. Raise The Lighting Stand

To raise the stand, you just need to release the two locking screws, and then you can crank it up. 

Once you’re at the height you want it to be, make sure it’s resting on the pin and not on the cable inside. Also, remember to tighten the T-nuts on the back.

Tip: Before raising the lighting stand, be sure to make sure that there are no obstacles above (fire sprinklers, ceiling, etc.

3. Lower The Lighting Stand

To bring it down, you need to release the locking screws on the back, crank it up a little bit, release the locking pin, and then you can crank it down.

Prostand 12’6″ Crank Up Lighting Stand Review 

The 12.5′ crank up lighting stand is a black heavy-duty light stand that features a leveling leg with an adjustable extension that lengthens it to provide secure support of equipment on uneven terrain and surfaces like stairs. The stand has 2 risers with a maximum height of 12.5′. This versatile stand has  5/8″ Baby top stud and 1 1/8″ female Junior receiver.

Weight Capacity: 30 kg or 60 pounds. 

We use a T-bar, put it in the 1 1/8-inch receiver on the top, lock it in, and hang LED PARs and Likos, etc., on it. 

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