In this article, we’ll explain how to use a perfect cue remote system to give your presenter the power to control their presentation slides wirelessly from the stage.

Quick Answer: The DSAN PerfectCue Signalling Kit is a flexible remote system that works wirelessly over a long distance. The option to control 2 laptops simultaneously builds redundancy into your setup for the most important presentations.

DSAN PerfectCue Signaling Kit Features

There are plenty of PowerPoint remotes and slide advance systems out there, but the perfect cue kit has some features that make it stand out from the crowd.

  • Long-range
    This system will work over a distance of almost 300 ft.
  • Ethernet range extension option
    You can place the receiver on the stage giving the presenter a visual confirmation it is working, and use a Cat 5 cable to link it to another box in the control room. This will work over even longer distances.

DSAN PerfectCue Technician Override

If the presenter gets nervous and presses the advance button too many times or hits the blackout button, the technician can override these actions from the receiver unit.

Using The DSAN PerfectCue As A Signalling System Only

In highly controlled situations, you may not want the presenter to have direct control of the presentation laptop. With the receiver unit unplugged from the laptop, you can use it simply as a signaling system where the technician responds to inputs from the presenter.

DSAN PerfectCue USB Outputs

There are 2 USB outputs on the back of the PerfectCue receiver unit. This means you can connect it to 2 laptops at once, perfect for critical presentations where you have redundant laptops.

Sending A Signal To 2 Laptops

On the bottom of the receiver unit, there is a button to select whether or not you want to send the signal to two laptops. This is really helpful for back-to-back presentations where you don’t have time to switch laptops quickly.

You can have them both connected to the receiver unit and toggle the signal from one laptop to the other at the press of a button.

How To Use A Perfect Cue Remote System Topics

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  • 1:08 Technician override
  • 1:34 Using as just a signaling system
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  • 2:28 Sending signal to 2 laptops
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