Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a confidence monitor during a presentation at your event. We’ll explain what a confidence monitor is and how it works too.

Quick Answer: A confidence monitor helps a presenter maximize their engagement with the audience by eliminating the need to turn around or look over their shoulder to see the main presentation display.

What Is A Confidence Monitor?

At large conferences, the presenter will often stand on a stage with the presentation slides displaying on large screens behind them. 

This can make it difficult for presenters to maintain engagement with the audience as they may feel the need to look over their shoulder to refer to the slide or reassure themselves the correct slide is showing.

A smaller display is placed at the front of the stage for the presenter to use in order to solve this problem. This display has come to be known as a confidence monitor.

Confidence Monitor Setup

The confidence monitor is a 40” TV seated in a cradle on the floor in front of the presenter. It is configured to show a copy of what is displayed on the screens behind them, eliminating the need for a presenter to turn away from the audience.

Advanced Confidence Monitor Setup

A more advanced version of the confidence monitor setup is to add a second 40” TV. One display shows the current slide, and the other shows the presenter’s notes.

This requires the use of two outputs from the presentation laptop and can take a little bit more time to set up.

Confidence Monitor & Meeting Timer

A meeting timer makes a great addition to the confidence monitor setup as it gives the presenter all of the information they need in one place.

At a glance, they can see which slide is being displayed and how long they have left to deliver the presentation. 

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