Let’s check if the Mackie ProFX6v3 audio mixer can power a set of 250 Ohms headphones (Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro) and see if this combination is loud enough. 

Quick Answer: 250 Ohms headphones are loud enough for music listening, audio and video editing and live recording/vocal monitoring with plenty of headroom, so you can turn up the volume if you want. 

We tested the Mackie ProFX6v3 audio mixer in three different ways, and here are the results:

Headphone level
Loud enough
Music listening (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)
Audio and video editing
Live recording and Vocal monitoring 
Yes (a bit of hiss above 50%/)

Mackie ProFX6v3 & 250 Ohm Headphones Pricing

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Mackie ProFX6v3 & 250 Ohm Headphones Topics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:12 – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:50 – Quick Answer
  • 1:05 – Music Listening
  • 1:35 – Audio & Video Editing
  • 2:06 – Vocal Monitoring
  • 3:03 – Summary
  • 3:13 – Final Thoughts