In this video we show you what all 24 effects sound like on the Mackie ProFX10v3 Audio Mixing Console.

Pros of Mackie ProFX10v3 Effects

  • Good variety of sounds
  • Lots of gain/level available for FX
  • FX Mute button is in a good location and is fast/easy to use

Cons of Mackie ProFX10v3 Effects

  • Needs some type of “parameter knob” to adjust effects depth/variables
  • “Tap Tempo” would be really nice for sync’ing delay effects to a live performance
  • Many repetitive effects just with different speeds

Effects Built Into The Mackie ProFX10v3 (FX List)

  1. Bright Room
  2. Warm Lounge
  3. Small Stage
  4. Warm Theater
  5. Warm Hall
  6. Concert Hall
  7. Cathedral
  8. Small Plate
  9. Large Plate
  10. Chorus 1
  11. Chorus 2
  12. Delay + Reverb
  13. Doubler
  14. Echo
  15. Delay 1
  16. Delay 2
  17. Delay 3
  18. Ping-Pong Delay
  19. Overdrive / Distortion
  20. Spring Reverb
  21. Early Reflections
  22. Auto Wah
  23. Flange
  24. Slapback Reverb

Mackie ProFX10v3 Audio Mixer Pricing & Specs

Mackie ProFX Video Playlist

Mackie ProFX10v3 Effects Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:25 – Equipment & Pricing
  • 0:45 – Effects Setup
  • 1:54 – Audio Effects Demonstration
  • 5:40 – Final Thoughts

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