Have you been wondering what the LOW CUT button does on your audio mixer?

Quick Answer: The low cut button will roll off the lower frequencies below 80-120Hz (typically) to produce a sound that is less muddy and more clear.

A Low Cut Filter is a tool that you can use in audio recording and live sound to reduce the lower frequencies in any given signal.

There are many kinds of low cut filters that can appear at various stages in the signal path (e.g., the mic, the preamp, the equalizer/EQ plug-in, etc.).

When To Use Low Cut Button?

We recommend using the low cut button whenever you have an input source that doesn’t benefit from being in the subwoofer. This includes vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, cymbals, horns, etc.

Using a low cut is also beneficial in helping to prevent plosives into the microphone (when P and B sounds make a “pop”).

When To Avoid Low Cut Button

We recommend avoidigng the low cut button when you are working with a signal from a bass heavy instrument like a kick drum or bass guitar.

Low Cut Button Equipment Pricing

Low Cut Button Topics

  • 0:00​ – Introduction
  • 0:18​ – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:36​ – Low Cut Terms
  • 0:51​ – Location Of Low Cut Button
  • 1:13​ – Low Frequency Cut
  • 1:38​ – What Does This Mean?
  • 1:59​ – When Is It Used?
  • 2:40​ – Low Cut Demo
  • 3:17​ – Final Thoughts

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