Stuck trying to figure out how to set up a Yorkville Paraline PSA1 and PSA2 sound system? In this article, we’ll talk you through a full setup, complete with a mixer, microphone, and music connections. 

Quick Answer: Connect each speaker to power and feed the mixer output to the sub. Using XLR cables, link the output from one speaker to the input of the next one in the stack until they are all connected.

When To Use The Yorkville Paraline Point Source Array

Yorkville PSA1

Before we jump into setting up this sound system, let’s take a look at the types of events where you would consider using it. The design of these speakers means that they have a 110° wide field of sound coverage. Most speakers only cover 90°

  • Small festivals
    The 110° throw of these speakers, coupled with the narrow vertical range, helps prevent the sound from bleeding into the neighborhood or going further than it’s supposed to.
  • Wide gyms
    They cover the width of the gym without throwing lots of sound towards the ceiling, avoiding unwanted echoes.
  • Wide ballrooms
    Where clients don’t want 4 speakers spread across the front of the room.

Yorkville Paraline PSA1 & PSA2 Power Requirements

Yorkville PSA2

You can get any combination of up to 4 of these speakers on a single 15 A circuit. How many speakers will you need?

  • Outdoors (Around 500 people)
    We recommend having 2 tops and 2 subs on each side of the stage.
  • Indoors (500 – 750 people)
    We recommend having 2 tops and 1 sub on each side of the stage.

So at an outdoor event, you would only need 2 x 15 A circuits to power your front-of-house speakers, which is pretty impressive.

Speaker Placement & Considerations

Before you even take your equipment out of the van, take a look at the stage and set yourself up for success by figuring out where the speakers need to go.

Ideally, you need to position your speakers out in front of where any microphone will be in order to reduce the risk of feedback. This usually means a placement just slightly ahead of the stage on the left and right sides.

Mixer Placement & Considerations

The ideal position for a mixer is somewhere out in front of the stage where you can hear the audio from your speakers.

This isn’t always convenient; for example, you need the mixer on stage with you if you’re doing sound for your own performance. Other reasons for compromise would be requiring lines of communication with the performer or a lack of mains power in the ideal mixer location.

Sound System Mixer Location

Required Equipment & Cables

We’re going to talk you through a complete sound system setup using the Yorkville PSA1 and PSA2 speakers. To do this, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • 2 x Yorkville PSA1 speakers, 1 x Yorkville PSA2 sub, and a speaker pole
  • Mixer
    We’re using the Yamaha MG10.
  • Microphone
    As many microphones as you need. We’re using a Shure SM58 in the demo.
  • Input cables for phone/laptop
  • XLR cables
  • IEC cables
    Power cables for the speakers

How To Setup Yorkville Paraline PSA1 & PSA2s Sound System

Time needed: 10 minutes

  1. Plug in and power on your mixer
  2. Plug in your speakers (Check they’re turned off first)
    Don’t use a power bar or surge protector as this can cause problems.
  3. Check the speakers are receiving power
    Briefly turn the speakers on to check they are working and turn them off again.
  4. Connect the mixer to the sub and speakers
    Mixer > XLR > Subwoofer > XLR > Bottom speaker > XLR > Top speaker. The XLR cables run from the output on one unit to the input on the next.
  5. Check the subwoofer settings
    Ensure you set the sub input to “line” and the level dial is in the 12 o’clock position.
  6. Check the speaker settings
    Low-frequency button: Pressed in
    – High-frequency button: Pressed in
    – Level dial: 12 o’clock position
  7. Turn the speakers on
  8. Test the setup with music
    – Set the mixer master level to unity/zero
    Connect a phone to the mixer
    – Walk around and check the speakers are performing as expected
  9. Microphone set up
    Plug your microphone into the first available XLR input on your mixer and set the gain and level as required. See our article on how to use an audio mixer for more detailed instructions.

Yorkville Paraline PSA1 & PSA2s Sound System Pricing & Specs

How To Setup Yorkville Paraline PSA1 & PSA2s Sound System Topics

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:35 When To Use The Paraline Point Source Array
  • 1:50 Power Requirements
  • 3:05 Speaker Placement & Considerations
  • 3:53 Mixer Placement & Considerations
  • 4:38 Required Equipment & Cables
  • 5:25 Paraline Speaker Setup Instructions
  • 10:29 Test Setup With Music
  • 11:40 Microphone Setup
  • 13:30 Final Thoughts