Want to know how to set up the Electro-Voice RE20 dynamic microphone with the Yamaha MG10XU audio mixing console? We’re going to show you how; we’ll explain which settings to use and discuss whether or not you need an inline preamp like the Cloudlifter CL-1. 

Do You Need To Use An Inline Preamp With The RE20?

Cloudlifter CL-1 Inline Preamp

Without the inline preamp, we needed to max out the gain knob on the MG10XU to get the level required from the highly sensitive Electro-Voice RE20. Such a high gain setting introduces noise and hiss and leaves us with zero headroom.

In exchange for phantom power, the Cloudlifter adds up to 25 dB of gain. In our experience with the RE20 and MG10XU, the Cloudlifter allows us to reduce the gain knob from 100% to 40%.

  • Cloudlifter CL-1 Inline Preamp: https://currentprice.io/cloudlifter
  • How to Set Up The Electro-Voice RE20 & Yamaha MG10XU

    We’re going to start our how-to guide with the mixer reset and connected to a computer ready to record audio. If you want to learn more about how to do this, read our Yamaha MG10XU Setup Guide.

    Time needed: 5 minutes

    1. Connect RE20 to Yamaha MG10XU

      RE20 > XLR Cable > Cloudlifter CL-1 > XLR Cable > MG10XU

    2. Turn on Phantom Power (48v)

      This will power the Cloudlifter CL-1

    3. Setup Preamp/Gain

      – Set the main stereo knob to the triangle (zero/unity) position
      – Set the channel level knob to the triangle position
      – Turn up the channel gain knob until the level is peaking at 0dB on the mixer’s level meter. This will show as -12 dB on your computer software (OBS, Logic Pro, etc.)

    4. Add Compression

      Turn the compressor up to 30%

    5. Activate High Pass Filter

      Press the HPF Button to roll off some of the lower frequencies

    6. Set the EQ

      Boost the mids slightly

    7. Press Record!

    Does the Electro-Voice RE20 Need A Pop Filter?

    We don’t feel the RE20 needs an additional pop filter as the built-in Variable-D technology means the tone doesn’t change as you get closer to the mic. It rejects pops really well without the need for additional filters or shields.

    Electro-Voice RE20 & Yamaha MG10XU  Pricing & Specs

    Electro-Voice RE20 & Yamaha MG10XU | Setup & Demo Topics

    • 0:00 – Introduction
    • 1:00 – Pricing & Specs
    • 1:13 – Audio Mixer Setup
    • 1:26 – Connect RE20 to Yamaha MG10XU
    • 1:44 – Gain Setup
    • 3:14 – Inline Preamp?
    • 4:13 – Connect Cloudlifter Inline Preamp
    • 5:13 – Gain With Cloudlifter
    • 5:40 – Pop Filter?
    • 6:15 – Headphones
    • 6:30 – Compression & EQ
    • 7:12 – Final Thoughts