Want to compare the SSL2+ audio interface with 4k mode on and off? If you’re looking for an audio interface, check out this quick comparison to see if you like the sound of the SSL2+.  

Quick Answer: Watch our comparison video to see if you prefer the sound with or without 4k mode on the SSL2+ audio interface.  

SSL2+ 4k Mode Test

We tested the SSL2+ audio interface with the Shure SM7B dynamic microphone to see if we preferred the sound with or without 4k mode activated.

Solid State Logic tell us that 4k mode is inspired by the legendary SSL 4000 series console. Enabling 4k mode adds a high-frequency EQ boost and fine-tuned harmonic distortion to enhance sound.

Watch the video, listen carefully, and see if you can hear the difference in sound.

SSL2+ 4k Pricing

SSL2+ 4k Mode Demo & TestTopics

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:05 – SSL 4k Mode Off
  • 0:10 – SSL 4k Mode On
  • 0:20 – SSL 4k Mode Off
  • 0:23 – Final Thoughts

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