Shure SM7B and SSL2+ Audio Interface

In this video we show you how to setup the Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone with the Solid State Logic SSL2+ Audio Interface. Not only will you learn how to set everything up, but you’ll find out if you need an inline preamp like the Cloudlifter CL1.

You will also be able to hear this setup with and without the legendary 4k mode that is built into the Solid State Logic SSL2+ Audio Interface

SSL2+ & Shure SM7B Pricing

SSL2+ & Shure SM7B Topics & Chapters

  • 0:00 – Introduction
  • 0:45 – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:50 – Connect Shure SM7B to SSL2
  • 1:15 – What does the preamp do?
  • 1:55 – Gain Setup
  • 3:05 – Inline Preamp (Cloudlifter CL-1)
  • 5:45 – Gain Setup (cont.)
  • 6:28 – Solid State Logic 4K Mode
  • 7:15 – Final Thoughts

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