Let’s setup and connect the Solid State Logic SSL2+ Audio Interface to the Electro-Voice RE20 Dynamic Mic (Black Edition). You can hear the RE20 for the first time at 2:17

How To Setup Solid State Logic SSL2+ & EV RE20

How to setup SSL2+ & EV Re20

Connect SSL2+ To Your Computer

Using the included USB-C Cable

Open your recording software (DAW)

Connect the RE20 to the SSL2+ using an XLR cable

Increase the gain on the SSL2+ until your recording software shows a level between -18 dB and -12 dB

Press record

SSL2+ & EV RE20 Review

Electro-Voice RE20 With Solid State Logic SSL2+

If you’re wanting to broadcast, podcast, livestream, or do voice-over work. It is really hard to beat this combination. The RE20 has all of the benefits of the Shure SM7B, but with additional presence on the low end and increased vocal clarity in the upper frequencies.

This frequency response of this microphone is ideal for building trust and authority.

The tight cardioid pickup pattern on the RE20 does a great job of removing background noise and showcasing vocals clearly.

This is on the upper end of most people’s home studio budget, but if you can afford this combination, it’s pretty hard to beat.

More Information: Shure SM7B VS Electro-Voice RE20

Solid State Logic SSL2+ & EV RE20 Pricing

SSL2+ & Electro-Voice RE20 Topics

  • 0:00​ – Introduction
  • 0:37​ – Pricing & Specs
  • 0:51​ – Interface Setup
  • 1:10​ – Connect RE20 to SSL2+
  • 1:29​ – Gain Setup
  • 3:03​ – Inline Preamp?
  • 3:20​ – Connect & Setup Headphones
  • 3:51​ – 4K Mode Test
  • 4:38​ – Final Thoughts