Video Testimonials & Interviews

Vancouver Video ProductionAt Kettner Creative, we have experience providing a wide range of video testimonials and interviews.

Video is a great way to tell your business’s story. However, being too self-promotional usually feels tacky and lacks credibility. You’ve probably found yourself turned off before by a company that was sipping a bit too much of their own Kool Aid (or coffee). You can talk about your product or event for days, but when it comes down to it, it means a lot more coming from the people using it. That’s where testimonials come in, and video is a perfect medium for sharing customer experiences.

Our candid, documentary style interviews are excellent for capturing employees, clients, and event attendees with their real emotions.

Our video interviews services are excellent for:

  • Staff testimonials for recruitment videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Event testimonials
  • Executive employment interviews

Our process for creating these videos typically involves the following:

  • Asking people to participate! It’ll likely be easier than you think.
  • Before the interview, we give the interviewees a rough idea of what we’ll be covering, but we don’t give them our list of questions.
  • We will film the testimonials and interviews as close to their native environment as possible.
  • During the interview, we focus on having a conversation. This is the best way to guarantee a natural, candid interview.
  • We’ll edit your videos and host them so they can easily be placed on your website.
  • We use the analytics from your testimonial videos to improve them, whether through a new shoot or a re-edit.