Video Webcasting & Live Video Streaming

Do you have an upcoming webcast or live event that you would like to stream online?

Are you looking to invite attendees to your event, beyond those who can make it to your venue? Kettner Creative offers high-quality live video streaming, video conferencing and webcasting services in Vancouver, BC.

We believe viewers of live event streams are the most valuable content consumers on the internet.  More than a simple video feed, live streaming platforms allow viewers to actively participate, often engaging for hours in chat windows.  The combination of compelling content, top-tier brands, beautiful production, and an engaged audience creates a robust platform for your company.

We Have The Tools to Get the Job Done

At Kettner Creative, we are never satisfied with “just getting the job done”, we arm our team with state-of-the-art live video streaming & webcasting equipment.  We do this for our clients, but we also do this because we’re A/V geeks and we like playing with the best toys in the industry (but, mostly we do this for our clients).  Considering our team’s years of live streaming experience, this is a promise Kettner Creative keeps.

We Have Friends in Video Distribution

It’s good to have friends.  Particularly ones at the world’s largest video streaming platforms.  Kettner Creative has developed the relationships to ensure our clients’ content reaches a global audience via premium placements and effective traffic management.

High-definition is available although this can depend on the speed of your internet connection. We will perform an on-site test in advance of the event if possible to test the bandwidth available.

Even with limited upload speeds, we are able to stream the highest quality image possible using our dedicated encoding equipment.

Live Messaging & Audience Interaction

With our professional live event workflow, we are able to provide messaging and social media panel so that your audience may ask questions during the stream.

A moderator can approve these before they are posted and relay them to the on-camera presenter for a live Q&A.

We also have a host of tools that allow for live web polls and other interactive content.

Video Security & Archiving

You can broadcast your event to the world or you can limit your event to an guest list, secured by password. The option is yours.

We will always record a backup of the video from your event and store the video file on our server for 1 year. Unlike many video companies, we don’t ransom your footage. If you want it, you get it.

Advanced Video Analytics

What would be the point of a live stream / video broadcast if you could not measure the results? Advanced analytics allow you to track who is watching, where they are from, and what the level of engagement is, both live and retroactively.

Types of Events That We Stream Online

  • Conference event webcasting
  • Meeting event webcasting
  • Award gala event webcasting
  • Banquet dinner webcasting
  • Keynote speaker webcasting
  • Networking events webcasting
  • Product release webcasting
  • Tradeshow webcasting

Vancouver Webcasting Options

  • Single camera video streaming
  • Multi-camera video streaming
  • Live event video switching & streaming
  • Steadicam camera streaming

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Our team is in place and at the ready to help make your virtual event effective and memorable. We’re here to help. Contact Us for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are still open during Covid-19. We plan on keeping our customers and team safe using our COVID-19 Safety Plan.