Presentation Tips & Tricks

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Presentation skills are very important when it comes to trying to connect with your target audience An impressive presentation can win over an audience whether it be for a business venture, attaining grant funding, or a school project. Acquiring the skills to give a clear, concise presentation is a tool that is applicable in all aspects of life. Few people are born with the gift of speaking confidently, most people must work at preparing an effective speech or presentation, however once it is mastered it can greatly enhance any professional career.

Effective Communication

Effective and compelling communication is the key to any successful presentation. Without an authoritative tone or an air of confidence (not to be confused with arrogance!), a presenter’s main points will be lost on the audience. During a presentation it is key for the presenter to make eye contact, speak clearly and project, engage the audience by fielding questions, and most importantly, stay calm. A presenter must adapt to the audience and be prepared for all manner of disagreement or even confrontation.

Building a Presentation

An important feature of a solid presentation is the use of visual aids. In most instances, a visual aid should highlight and clarify points rather than forming the basis for the presentation — the audience should be more focused on what the presenter is speaking about than what is on the visual aids. Common visual aids include PowerPoint slides, Elmo document cameras, handouts, charts, tables and graphs.

  • Visual Clarity: Outlines the importance of deciding which presentation aspects need extra focus through visual aids.
  • Using Visual Aids Effectively: How to enhance a presentation with simple visual aspects such as slides or projectors.
  • Visual Aids in Public Communication (PDF): This article emphasizes that visual aids should be an enhancement to a presentation not the main event.

Presentation Design

When it comes to designing a presentation, it is best to keep visual aids as simple as possible. If the presenter is using slides, they should appear uncluttered with minimal text. The use of bullet points and titles help the audience to focus on the presenter’s most important points. As well, it is important to keep design and backgrounds plain and simple and not flashy or overbearing.

  • Preparing and Using Visual Aids (PDF): A complete guide to visual aids from posters, slides, models, dry-erase boards, and audio clips.
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Planning a Presentation

When planning a presentation, preparation is a must. The presenter should know their topic inside and out. Also, it is imperative that a presenter take the venue and audience into consideration when planning the presentation. Visit the presentation venue prior to the actual presentation if at all possible. Get a feel for the environment, and make any necessary changes to the setup of the room.

  • Planning a Presentation (PDF): An article about the various strategies of prepping for a presentation.
  • Planning a Presentation: A study guide that offers insight into the process of planning an effective presentation.

Communicating in Your Specialty

If you’re scheduled to speak at an upcoming meeting, conference, or other business event, your goal might be to wow everyone gathered with your knowledge and dyamics. Or your goal might be to avoid passing out from fear. Either way, these tips should help you exceed your own expectations.

Audio Visual Equipment

It cannot be understated that the quality of your audio visual equipment is extremely important to making sure that you deliver great production value. Everything from having a big projection screen to a bright projector and crisp sound system will help your message to be delivered effectively.

If you need help with any of the technical aspects of your presentation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!