Where Should A Laptop Sit During A Presentation?

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Successful Laptop Presentations

One of the very best features of laptop computers is that they can be easily transported anywhere you need them to be. From work to out at the coffee shop and all the way back home again, this flexibility of use also makes it easy to have a successfully projected presentation. When it comes time for you to decide you want to place your laptop during the presentation you will want to ask yourself the following questions – where do I feel the most comfortable placing my laptop for easy access during my presentation? Will I need immediate access to my computer to give my presentation? Will I be able to get quick help in case of technical difficulties? There are several key ways successful presenters place their portable computer when the time comes to speak on their topic.

On The Stage

What will your presentation space be like? If you happen to be speaking on a stage or raised platform before a large audience, keeping your laptop on the stage with you may be a great option. Many presenters like to keep their laptop within arms reach of them onstage so that they are able to utilize PowerPoint’s Presenter Mode. Presenter Mode allows the speaker to review their presentation notes privately on their laptop while the slides are being shown in the background in the background. This is an especially useful tool for those with many important points to remember to cover or for individuals who find that they get nervous during presentations. Clicking to switch slides by hand is controlled easily from this laptop placement.

Near The Projector

Another great place to put your laptop during the presentation time is near the projector itself. A common strategy for smaller, low-budget meetings, shorter presentations, and more, this method allows you to seamlessly go through your presentation without being stuck right up against your computer. It works best to place your laptop on top of the A/V cart next to where the projector is sitting and stand beside the screen using a PowerPoint remote. The PowerPoint remote allows the user to control the sequence of slides on the screen at their own pace and without standing directly next to the laptop to change slides manually. If you are presenting to a larger audience, having the PowerPoint Remote also allows you to walk around the stage and better connect with your audience members. The presenter can even leave the stage a few feet to open up the floor for questions and answers and continue to click with the remote.

At The A/V Table

Placing your laptop computer at the A/V table is also a great strategy for a successful presentation session. This lets your tech team (ahem…Kettner Creative) take care of cuing up the presentation for you so you don’t have to. It is the best way to generally keep your work to an absolute minimum and to focus solely on creating good contact with your audience members. All you have to do is present the given material strongly and confidently and your team will take care of the rest. Having your laptop near the A/V team will also ensure that any technical difficulties or other problems that could occur will rapidly be addressed and solved. The team won’t have to go anywhere to fix the issue – they will be right there next to your laptop waiting to help in any way they can. This allows even complicated presentations to move smoothly and without any inconvenient delays.

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