How To Prepare Your Event For Rain

Girl in rain with clear umbrella

Don’t rely on a rain dance to chase the clouds away for your next outdoor party or event. Be prepared.

The best laid plans should always have a backup plan. There are many practical ways to make sure a change in weather doesn’t have to mean the end of your party plans. Nobody likes to imagine that their important day is going to be ruined by rain. Being realistic is necessary in order to manage the comfort of your guests. There are a number of smart ways to plan for difficult weather and rain.

Talk About Tents

Oversized tents are a party planner’s best friend. The good news about large tents is that they can actually add ambiance and a touch of elegance to your event. Having a tent as a protective barrier between your guests and the elements acts as insurance against rain landing on guests or prepared foods. Tents can be rented from any event supplier for use on your personal property or outdoor venue space. Be sure to ask a venue manager about extra costs for tent use if you are renting space at a professional venue.

A Clear Solution

Guests don’t always dress in preparation for rain. A good and thoughtful host lends them a hand. A great solution for combating a dreary drizzle from the sky is to provide clear umbrellas or clear ponchos to all of your guests. This solution will give guests a synchronized appearance and the clear material won’t hide their faces in photographs. The lack of assorted personal umbrellas and raincoats will bring a classy touch to the overall visual theme of your event.

Book Venues with Alternate Accommodations

It is always important to discuss alternate options when working with a venue. It can be tempting to fall in love with open courtyards or beach settings that leave you and your guests entirely susceptible to the weather. Always discuss alternate arrangements with the venue manager of the location you have booked. Many venues with outdoor space can also provide you with indoor access in case of rain or inclement weather.

Protect Expensive Audio Visual Equipment

The best parties usually have amazing sound and visuals. Audio visual equipment is an essential part of making sure a party gets off on the right foot. Don’t let the fear of rain ruin your plans for bringing amazing sound to your gathering. It is important to employ the help of professionals who understand the importance of shielding audio visual equipment from the elements. You need experts with the tools and knowledge to manage the equipment safely. Kettner Creative will always make sure that the audio and visual equipment used for your event is carefully protected and guarded during outdoor events in the rain.

Avoid the pitfalls of a ruined occasion by making smart alternate plans for bad weather. Your guests will be glad that their host was wise and considerate. Rain preparation adds a sprinkle of success to your party plans.

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