4 Steps to Choosing the Right A/V Company

Whether you’re wanting to produce a small meeting or several large conferences throughout a year, choosing the right A/V company is the key to a smooth-running event or series of events. Essentially, you want to make sure your A/V provider can provide what you need on time and on budget. The provider that you select needs to demonstrate to you have they have what it takes to make sure that you event succeeds.

We’ve put together this guide to help our clients and prospects evaluate various A/V companies to come up with the best decision for their event.

1. Price vs Value

Every purchase decision that you make is likely influenced by price. For each event, cost is certainly a major factor, but we would suggest that you focus on overall value.

Value can take various forms in the A/V industry but most often it includes bringing extra equipment, being early to the venue, being open to last minute changes, and helping the event planner with things that fall outside of the “A/V box”. This includes going the extra mile to make sure that the client is happy with the end result.

2. Communication

As an event planner, your time is extremely valuable and you shouldn’t be waiting on your A/V company to reply to simple change requests or quote updates. These changes should be made quickly and communicated in a manor that is easily understandable. It’s the job of the A/V company to help you understand how the various technical aspects of audio visual can come together to bring your event to life.

3. Hidden Costs

We see this a lot with in-house A/V companies, but also with other A/V companies. All too often companies charge their clients for things that the client never knew were ordered or needed. This includes service charges, unexplained fees, and poor planning.

If you see the phrase “service charge”, that should be a big red flag to start looking for another A/V company. A service charge is simply the companies way of adding a fee for no reason at all and is finally illegal in some North American cities.

The quote that you receive should be all inclusive and have a total at the bottom that includes delivery, taxes, equipment, and labour.

3. Flexibility

Every special event has unique requirements. An experienced A/V provider will have the flexibility to listen to your needs and to custom tailor a solution to achieve your goals.

Look out for production companies that offer a “standard package” as they are simply trying to shoehorn your request into what they have available.

4. Experience

When looking for an A/V company, try to narrow it down to companies who have a proven track record of doing events like the one that you are organizing.

It’s ok to ask A/V companies for photos or examples of similar jobs that they have completed. If they are unable to produce photos of a similar job to what you are requesting, this should be a big red flag in terms of what they are actually able to provide for you.

It is also a good idea to request references or testimonials from similar events that they have recently produced.

Contact Kettner Creative

At Kettner Creative, we work extremely hard to deliver value to each and every event. We have a trained account management and event planning team that will seek to understand the goals of your event and know how to recommend solutions for the most efficient way to achieve those goals.

Our account management and event planning team are available for one-on-one phone calls, site visits, and of course email to make sure that you understand what is being delivered. Our team will respond to all requests, whether it’s a small private event, or your companies annual conference.

We strive to eliminate confusion by spending the time upfront to understand our clients needs and to create a detailed and accurate quote.  We’ve spent a great deal of time to simplify our quotes as much as possible while still showing clients how we provide value. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting, and what it will cost.

Additionally, you are only charged for the work being done for small events, we don’t charge 4 hour minimums which are common in the A/V industry.

For more information, please contact Kettner Creative by giving us a call at 604-427-1629 or visiting the contact page on our website.

Kettner Creative is a full service audio visual (A/V) company located in Vancouver, BC. We rent Audio, Video, Lighting, Drape and LED Furniture for events. If you’re interested in our services for an upcoming event – Please contact us!