How To Setup A Mix Minus

A mix-minus is a way to describe an audio output from an audio mixing console. With this setup, the output of the audio mixer contains everything except a single input input.

Mix-minus is often used to prevent echoes, delays, or feedback that would typically be involved in phone interviews, podcasts, video conferencing or live sound reinforcement systems.

Required Equipment

For a mix minus to work correctly with an audio mixer you will need:

  1. Analog or Digital Audio Mixing Console with at least one auxiliary output
  2. Microphones and cables for main mix
  3. Headset Adapter Cable (see list at bottom of article)
  4. 1/8″ to dual 1/4″ Cables
  5. Phone or computer for remote guest

How To Setup A Mix Minus

Follow the steps below to setup your mix minus:

  1. Connect microphones and set the gain correctly for the main mix.

  2. Connect phone or laptop (for remote guest) into mixer.

  3. Connect aux output from audio mixer into phone or laptop so remote guest can hear what’s coming from the mixer.

  4. Turn up the aux channels for all input devices (except the phone or laptop that is connected to the remote guest).

  5. Test your setup prior to your event/show/podcast

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