How To Multi-Track Record Using Yamaha MG10XU

It’s common wisdom that a USB Audio Mixer like the Yamaha MG10XU is built to only send the stereo output (Left and Right) to your computer over the USB output.

In this article, we show you a trick so you can multi-track record two separate channels to your computer.

How To Multi-Track Record Using A Yamaha MG10XU

  1. Connect your Yamaha MG10XU to your computer

    Using a USB cable.

  2. Open your Audio Software (Digital Audio Workstation) and set your Yamaha MG10XU as an input device.

  3. Pan Channel One To The Left

  4. Pan Channel Two To The Right

  5. Set each output from the MG10XU to it’s own track in your DAW

  6. Hit Record!

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