Microh LED Arena 150 Follow Spot


Product Description

  • Light source: 150W White LED
  • Beam angle: 12°
  • Iris: 5-100% linearly adjustable
  • Focus: Manual focus
  • Dimmer: 0-100% linearly adjustable
  • Colour wheel: 6 colours: white, red, green, blue, yellow, orange
  • Colour temperature filter:  6500K, 4500K, 3200K
  • Output distance: Up to 40m

The Microh LED ARENA 150  is a high output LED Follow Spot. This spotlight has high grade optics to allow it to deliver output brighter than a traditional  575 watt unit, while using more energy effecient technology to reduce the power requirements at your event.

The compact design allows the user to easily control the unit, and the controls are so simple that anyone can use this light!

This follow spot is great for concerts, performances, and events that need a spotlight that can easily follow the action on stage. This is perfect for events with up to 1500 guests/attendees.

Suggested Applications

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