12′ Expo (Banjo) Pipe & Drape


Product Description

  • Height: 12′
  • Hardware: Included
  • Price: $6 per foot
  • Available Colours: Black, Snow White

Our 12′ tall banjo/expo drapery panels are a great addition to have when you want to separate various areas of a large room. These pipe & drape panels finish off any room by blocking off extraneous light and areas that you want to hide.

Our drapery panels are recognized as the industry standard for convention pipe and drape systems because of its low cost and inherently flame resistant characteristics. 

For Booth or Back wall designs, Kettner Creative will provide 4 fabric panels per 10ft wide section — depending on how gathered you want your drape to be.  This allows for a “50% fullness” which is the classic look for pipe & drape. If you want something more solid for staging, check out our Velour Pipe & Drape.

We’ve found that most of our customers don’t want to be counting poles, crossbars, and bases so we’ve decided that we will offer a flat rate of $6 per foot for our 12′ banjo/expo pipe and drape. This includes everything that you will need to build a wall of pipe and drape. Be sure to let us know if you are wanting multiple sections of drape (rather than a single wall) so we can make sure we bring enough hardware to get the job done right.

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Suggested Applications

We recommend:

If you don’t know what fabric you want, or if you need more information, please check out the video below.