Podcast Recording (Video & Audio)

Kettner Creative offers studio quality video and audio podcast recording services in Vancouver. We use studio quality lights, cameras, microphones, video switching, and audio mixing equipment to make your podcast as professional as possible. Best of all, we come to you – where you’re most comfortable!

Sony FS700 Rental

Our podcast studio is available at whatever time and venue works best for you and your guest(s).

High Definition Video Cameras

For this video podcasting package, we will provide 1 high definition video cameras to help you look great, with the option to add two more for an additional cost.

This will provide the following angles:

  • Wide shot – Showing the host and their guest(s)
  • Tight shot – Showing the host (optional add-on)
  • Tight shot – Showing the guest (optional add-on)

Studio Grade Microphones

We will provide 2 Shure SM7B Microphones, the industry standard microphone for podcast recording.

These studio microphones can be setup with:

  • Table Stands
  • Boom Stands

High Definition Video Switching & Audio Mixing

Roland VR50HD Video Mixer

As a part of our high definition video podcast recording package, we use the Roland VR-50 as the brains of the operation. This video console is extremely sophisticated and can handle the needs of your podcast perfectly.

We use this console to connect the microphones, video cameras, and laptops that you are wanting to use for your podcast recording.

This video console will connect to one of our laptops to live stream the podcast, if you want this option.

Studio Lighting

For each podcast recording, we provide 2 Kino Celeb lights which are the industry standard for small to medium video studios.

These lights provide a soft, adjustable light that will make you look great and feel comfortable.

Kino Celeb Podcast Lighting

We provide the stands, sandbags, and everything that is required for setting these up for your podcast.

Remote Guests & Slides

Need to bring in a remote guest using video conferencing? No worries, we got you covered. We will be able to use one of our laptops and connect it to the video console to make this work for you.

High Definition Recording

We record a copy of the audio for uploading to the podcast service or distribution service of your choice (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

For this package, we don’t record each video camera individually, but we record the mixed camera feed that only shows the person who is speaking at any given time. This is the same feed that we upload to YouTube/Facebook/etc. for you.

Vancouver Podcast Pricing

  • 1 x High Definition Cameras
  • 2 x Studio Grade Microphones
  • 1 x Audio Mixer
  • 1 X High Definition Video Switching Console
  • 2 x Kino Celeb Studio Lights
  • 1 x High Definition Video Recorder

All of this for our special price of $497+ tax, per podcast episode.

Optional services include:

  • Additional Video Cameras (up to 3)
  • Live streaming to your website
  • Live streaming to YouTube/Facebook/etc.
  • Advertisement recording
  • Audio Editing
  • Audio Mastering
  • Video Editing
  • Adding logo at start/finish of podcast

To check availability and to schedule your upcoming podcast recording, please contact us!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are still open during Covid-19. We plan on keeping our customers and team safe using our COVID-19 Safety Plan.