How To Setup Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape is the most effective way to transform an event space, hide unsightly parts of your venue, or setup a temporary space (tradeshow booth, work station, temporary medical facility, etc.).

How To setup Pipe & Drape

It’s quite simple to setup pipe and drape, in the video below we walk through how to setup each component.

Pipe & Drape Components

Each pipe and drape section is made of the following components:

  • Baseplate – Usually either 12″ 18″ or 24″
  • Upright – Either fixed (8′) or Telescoping (7-12′, 9-16′)
  • Crossbar – Telescoping (6-10′, 8-12′)
  • Drape – (Banjo, Polypremier, Velour, etc.)

Setting Up Pipe & Drape

We recommend the following steps to setup your pipe & drape efficiently.

  1. Place baseplates in approximate location (either 6′, 8′ or 10′ apart)
  2. Set the length of your crossbar to desired length (6′, 8′ or 10′ apart)
  3. Use the crossbar to confirm that each baseplate is accurately placed
  4. Put the uprights on each baseplate pin
  5. Stuff the drape on the crossbar
    1. 6′ wide, use 2 pieces
    2. 8′ wide, use 3 pieces
    3. 10′ wide, use 4 pieces
    4. For velour drape, we have our drape pre-sewn into 13′ wide sections, so just use a single piece of drape for any width between 6-12′.
  6. Clip the crossbar onto the uprights
  7. Spread the drape out evenly across the crossbar
  8. Set the height of the telescoping uprights so the drape just barely touches the floor.
  9. All done!

If you wish to rent pipe & drape, Kettner Creative has a large inventory of Banjo & Velour drape in Vancouver, Canada.

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