How to Take Your Presentation to the Next Level

There’s a lot of great advice online and in print which show the best techniques for successful public speaking. One element that is often overlooked are the benefits of using state of the art audio visual equipment.

Be Heard

Vancouver Audio VisualCrystal clear sound is easily the most important part of any presentation. Proper sound reinforcement allows each audience member to focus on the content of your talk without having to concentrate on straining to hear certain words. Have you ever been at an event where you were straining to hear the presenter? You spend more time thinking about why you can’t hear them instead of focusing on what they’re actually saying. We even use the same microphone used by every president of the United States!


Be Confident

A common problem speakers have is breaking their connection to the audience by looking to their side or behind them to check which slide they’re currently on. A confidence monitor, which is a TV placed in front of the stage facing the presenter, is a perfect way to keep your eyes facing the audience. The monitor can be used to display the current slide or in some cases a live feed of the presenter.Confidence Monitor with meeting timer

Another extremely common problem is a slideshow functioning incorrectly. The first line of defence is using a proper powerpoint remote. We’ve recently added the state of the art PerfectCue signalling system which is trusted by event professionals around the world.

We’ve also introduced the Roland VR-50 video mixer. The VR-50 allows the video technician to switch between video, slides and company branding flawlessly. Without a proper video mixer, presentations often end with a view of the presenter’s desktop or the projector splash screen. These problems take away from the presentation and distract the audience. Have you ever shown up to present and your slides won’t display properly? The VR-50 can help fix this with automatic resizing and image scaling. Last minute changes are made easy, which allow you to focus on giving a great presentation.


Nothing takes away from audience engagement more than being kept waiting. The adult attention span is anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes, so keep your presentations on time by using a meeting timer. This shows the presenter how much time they have left and can be configured to give them a waring after a certain period of time.

To truly take your presentation to the next level take a look at our stage design options. Using elements like up-lights, pipe and drape, and gobo projection allows you to fully incorporate your branding. As they say in the marketing world, branding is everything. Make sure clients and employees can easily remember the main themes of your brand, like colours and logo.