Rent Wireless Lighting to Add Flexibility to Your Event.

Vancouver Event Lighting

At Kettner Creative, we work extremely hard to make sure each and every client is satisfied with the service that they get from us. To us this means two things:

  1. Do what you say you’re going to do
  2. Do everything you can to remain flexible

We believe that wireless lighting is the solution to remaining as flexible as possible to last minute changes and new ideas that are generated during setup of an event. 

Often times there are new requirements that appear once all of the event planners/committee are all in the same place. These include:

  • New decor elements
  • New signage
  • Needing to highlight something for a sponsor
  • Needing more light at the silent auction tables
  • Needing more light at the registration table

Some of these are hard to anticipate ahead of time, but with wireless lighting, it’s really as simple as grabbing a light and putting it where you need it. Previously this task would have required extension cords, dmx cable, tape, and possibly moving things out of the way to move the previous cable. 

Our lineup of wireless lighting is made up of three different lighting fixtures:

AX5 Triplepar

The AX5 Triplepar light is the workhorse of our wireless family. A full size LED light that is super bright and can be configured in a variety of options (clamped to pipe, clamped to a beam, floor base, or as an uplight). 

AX3 Lightdrop

The AX3 Lightdrop is perfect for small lighting needs. It works really well to add light to decor elements (flowers, etc.), event signage, or tables (silent auction and registration). 

AX1 Pixeltube

The AX1 Pixeltube is perfect for adding a wow factor to your event. This light fixture can be configured in a variety of shapes (Lightning bolt, diamond, square, halo around a room, used as a station, etc.) and will provide the eye candy that will leave your guests buzzing after your event.

Kettner Creative is a full service audio visual (A/V) company located in Vancouver, BC. If you’re interested in our services for an upcoming event – Please contact us!