How Drape and Uplighting Can Transform a Room

Manypipedrapetransform of our clients have chosen to use pipe & drape and up-lights to help transform a room for their special event. Commonly it’s used at weddings, corporate events and private parties. The before and after pictures on the right show just how impactful the effect can be!

Hide Unsightly Walls

Pipe & drape is an inexpensive way to hide unsightly walls. Our clients have used drape to great effect in a variety of scenarios.

One client used the black banjo drape to hide and protect expensive pictures on the wall as the guests were mostly children.

Another was involved in a civic election and wanted to hide the unfinished walls of their temporary space. Since they were only renting the space for 6 weeks, it didn’t make much sense to make renovations to their office. The drape provided the opportunity for them to focus on what was important to them.

Set the Mood

Pipe & drape can also be used to give your event a feeling of luxury and decadence. Our black velour drape paired with up-ligh
ting is the perfect way to completely change the mood in the room. If you’re looking to save money on a company event, use pipe & drape with up-lights to add drama and energy to the room that you are using.

LED Furniture

Vancouver LED Furniture RentalIf you’re looking for another way to really transform a space, we highly recommend adding Glowing LED Illuminated Furniture to your event space. LED furniture will bring energy and colour to your event in a way that isn’t otherwise available.

Change the Environment

Sometimes it is necessary to change the atmosphere of a venue for a single night. The perfect example would be a corporate christmas party. Instead of being forced to rent an entire restaurant, you can cover your office/warehouse walls with drape to change the mood. Even if you add catering to your event, you will save thousands of dollars compared to the restaurant bill that you would have paid.

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