Why We Love Professional Wedding Planners

wedding-lanternsWhen coordinating a wedding, having a knowledgeable planner or coordinator is an invaluable resource. Planners work with couples to help develop their dream for the wedding, and coordinate with expert vendors to bring those dreams to life. At Kettner Creative, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the top wedding planners in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley and you better believe that it makes a difference in how the day is run!

Client Focused

Certified wedding planners follow a special code of ethics that insures that they put their client first in all aspects of the planning process. This process includes not taking kickbacks from vendors and ensuring that the client is truly at the front of all decisions related to their special day.

Continuous Education

wedding-audio-visualIt’s clear why there is such a demand for professionals in this field – The amount of work required to pull off a flawless wedding is staggering, and good intentioned volunteers may not be able to handle the amount of coordination required.

Their education and continuous improvement gives them a leg up on dealing with potential problems. A certified wedding planning knows what to look out for and can often spot problems ahead of time. http://www.shefinds.com/2013/13-wedding-disasters-only-a-planner-can-fix/


In our experience, professional wedding planners are excellent communicators, promptly answering emails and getting back to us with critical information. This goes beyond working with the happy couple, this also goes to communication with each vendor and family member involved in the wedding.


Wedding A/V ServicesProfessional wedding planners know the difference between what is required and what is optional. Most of the time decisions are made based on budget, which is good. A professional wedding planner has the experience to tell you exactly why certain elements are important, and when you would/would not want to add various elements.

A good example of this would be uplighting for wedding receptions. Even though budget is a major concern, most planners will recommend either committing fully to uplighting (15-25 lights in a room), or not doing any. Only adding 4-8 lights to your reception won’t be enough to get the desired effect and will actually detract from the overall feel of the reception.

The same goes for projectors and screens for the wedding slideshow – If you don’t have the budget for a projector/screen combination that is big enough for everyone to see, you will be better off finding another solution.

Our Favourite Wedding Planners