Kettner Creative Expands Lighting Inventory with Rogue R2 Lighting Fixtures

Kettner Creative has purchased Rogue R2 Spot and Wash Lighting Fixtures to help Vancouver-based events deliver brighter, more visually stunning lighting effects.

R2 Spot

May 16, 2016, VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Kettner Creative Inc. is happy to announce a new rental lineup of Chauvet Rogue R2 automated lights to provide the best quality lighting effects to events across Vancouver and the rest of British Columbia.

“This is a huge step forward for businesses and event planners who are organizing conferences, concerts, and other special events”, explained Jordan Kettner, the Founder of Kettner Creative Inc. “It means increased production value and vivid colours for any situation, including challenging settings where the lighting is competing with ambient or natural lighting.”

The Rogue R2 Spot Moving Head LED Light Fixture is equipped with a single 240W LED light engine to drive a bright, crisp spot with a 16.5° beam angle. It includes 2 colour wheels, each with 7 colours plus white and 2 gobo wheels for gobo morphing. The Rogue R2 also features a rotating 3-facet prism, remote focus, frost, and iris for creative beam shaping.

The Rogue R2 LED Wash Light  is a durable and dependable moving wash workhorse that produces a bright, powerful output and offers four zones of LED control to pixel map its 19 (15W) RGBW LEDs. An wide zoom range of 12-49° gives the Rogue R2 Wash the spread to cover even the largest areas.

“This is a premium lighting setup available for any event, and any occasion”, added Kettner, “we’ve also made the investment in a wide range of rigging kits, controllers, and atmospherics to better serve a more broad variety of applications and room setups.”

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