How To Fix Upside Down Projection on Any Projector

Fix Upside Down Projection

Are you currently trying to setup a projector and the image is upside down?

The projected image is likely upside down because the projector thinks it’s currently hung from the ceiling and you’re wanting it on a table (or the opposite).

There are two ways to correct the upside down projector:

  1. Change the location of the projector in the menu setting
  2. Factory Reset.

Fix The Location of the Projector

How To Fix An Upside Down Projected Image

  1. Click “Menu” On The Projector

  2. Find a menu option that says “location”, “projection”, or “mount”

  3. Change it from Ceiling or Top to Front or Table

Factory Reset The Projector

If you could not use the previous method, or couldn’t find the menu setting, then you can factory reset the projector.

How to factory reset a projector:

  1. Click “Menu” on the projector
  2. Select “Reset” “Setup” or “utility”
  3. Select “Factory Reset” or “Reset all”

Both of these options will help you to fix a projected image that appears upside down!