How Many Uplights Do I Need At My Event?

Renting uplights is one of the fastest and most cost effective way to transform your event space. It seems like every event has some type of uplighting, and our clients often ask “how many uplights do I need?”.

What is uplighting?

Uplighting is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a light (usually a LED Par light) that sits on the floor and points up along a wall or pillar. Uplights are also called floor lights, wall lights, and wall wash.

How Far Apart Should Uplights Be?

To answer this question we’ll offer three different recommendations, based on your event budget.

  1. Least Expensive: Just uplight the accents in your venue (pillars, etc.)
  2. Best Value: Every 20′ along the walls
  3. Biggest Impact: Every 10′ along the walls

How Many Uplights Do I Need

When people rent uplights from us, the quantities below are quite common:

  1. 50-100 Guests: 18 Uplights
  2. 100-200 Guests: 27 Uplights
  3. 200+ Guests: 45 Uplights

Lighting can sometimes be difficult to keep within your budget but we hope that one of the options above will help you make the decision that you’re trying to make.

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