Getting Your Windows 10 Computer Ready for an Event

Whether you were eagerly awaiting Windows 10, or your computer was forced to update, it’s important to get your computer ready for your next presentation.

We’ve seen several of our clients experience an automatic update mid presentation, which has caused a massive disruption to their event. In one case, the client’s laptop updated and the installed video drivers no longer worked, essentially rendering the laptop useless for their event.

Many of the settings you’re familiar with from Windows 7 and 8 have moved, and it can be a challenge to catch up. This guide will help you find those settings, and turn off features that can cause problems during a presentation.

To easily access important settings use the Action Centre icon, which is located on the bottom right of your screen.


In All Settings

  • System
    • Notifications & actions: Turn off Show me tips about Windows, and Show app notifications
    • Power & Sleep: Change all settings to never
    • Default Apps: Click on each icon to choose which program you would like to open different files types. For a more advanced list click Choose default apps by file type. For example, choose Adobe Reader X to open .pdf files
  • Network & Internet
    • Wi-Fi: Under Advanced options turn on Metered connection to prevent Windows from automatically download and install updates if you’re tethering
    • Airplane mode: If you’re presenting and don’t require internet, select on for the Turn this on to stop all wireless commication setting. It’s best to download media such as Youtube videos before your presentation, as Wi-Fi can be unreliable
  • Privacy
    • Feedback & diagnostics: Set Windows should ask for my feedback to never
    • Background apps: Turn off background apps you won’t use like Get Office or Xbox
  • Updates & security
    • Windows Update: Under Advanced options choose Notify to schedule restart where it asks how you would like updates to be installed

Reliable programs for presentations:

  • Videos: VLC Media Player
  • Slides: PowerPoint or Keynote
  • PDF: Adobe Reader X
  • Music Playlist: iTunes
  • Browser: Google Chrome

If you have an upcoming presentation contact Kettner Creative, and a production coordinator would be happy to help you solve your audio visual needs. Kettner Creative has a large inventory of computer and projection equipment which is perfect for every size of event.