Vancouver’s Top Event Furniture Rental Companies

With the growth and success of our company over the last 15 years, we’re often asked by our clients to recommend other vendors in the Vancouver area. Specifically, our customers consistently ask us for recommendations for furniture and decor rental companies. We’ve attempted to break down our recommendations on this page as if we were making recommendations to a friend.

As with any recommendation, the statements found herein are the opinions we’ve formulated over the years based on our extensive experience at events and working along side the best companies in Vancouver. We often get to plan events with these companies, and we almost always share elevators and loading bays with them – so we feel like we have a good understanding of who our clients love, and who they do not.

These aren’t paid endorsements.

The categories and our recommendations for each category are as follows:

Corporate Event Furniture

Loungeworks – Modern inventory, on-time delivery, professional planning team, 3D floorpans, and friendly crew – we can’t recommend Loungeworks enough. If we have a corporate client asking for a recommendation, Loungeworks is always the first company that we recommend.

Bold Event Decor – We’ve never worked directly with Bold during the planning process – but we’ve worked alongside them at events and it’s clear that they are well organized, creative, and think outside the box to deliver whatever their clients are looking for.

Stage Furniture

Loungeworks – As previously mentioned, Loungeworks has a modern inventory and professional team that delivers every time. They also have their Transformit products that look amazing on stage and have become iconic at events around Vancouver.

Can-West Display – A workhorse with classic furniture that is in demand at events in Vancouver. Can-West is a great option for furniture on the stage at your event.

Outdoor Furniture

Custom Event Rentals – We’ve worked with them at many events and they have some of the best furniture available for outdoor events. Outdoor bars, picnic tables, screens, walls, fire pits, etc. They have what you’re looking for in terms of classic, outdoor furniture.

Bespoke Decor – Their inventory of modern, vintage and eclectic decor has been featured at many outdoor events and our clients have always been happy with them.

Luxury Wedding Furniture

Eclat Decor – When it comes to luxury wedding furniture at the most prestigious weddings and venues in Vancouver – you can guarantee that Eclat are the providing the furniture. Typically you will see them at 3-6 weddings each weekend, providing their glamorous and upscale event decor and furniture.

Essential Furniture

A&B Partytime – A&B are a true Vancouver institution. If there is a catering company involved with your event, there is a good chance that A&B are supporting the catering company with furniture, dishes, cooking equipment, and more. On time, clean, professional, they deliver every time.

We hope this guide has been helpful for your event planning!