How to Make Your Press Conference Flawless

Acrylic Podium

Choose the right setting


Gone are the days of blue drape backdrops and carefully crated media rooms. Modern day press conference planners use real spaces to communicate their message and story. For example, if you’re opening up a new store you can use your products as the backdrop, or the store itself if you have a shiny new store front. Using your space and product will help the viewer connect with, and remember your message.

Press Conference

Since your press conference is not typically in a controlled studio environment, it’s essential to correct poor lighting conditions. Without proper lighting, the presenter will look dark and grainy on TV, and in print. A wide range of lighting equipment can be used to evenly light the presenter, including stage lights and fresnels. If your event is outdoors, setup bright lights close to the subject to add side-fill with the natural key light. For indoor lighting, choose lighting that compliments the existing lights. For example, the Celeb 201 light will allow you to change the colour temperature from 2700k to 6500k to match the lighting in your space.

Crystal clear audio

While video is critical, audio is equally crucial. Since your message will likely be on the radio, the recorded audio must be easy to understand. To achieve this, choose a high quality microphone, and a mixer that has an EQ and compressor. Bring a press feed box so reporters can easily record the audio. If you plan on having a question and answer period, use powered speakers, and a wireless handheld microphone, to allow presenters and press the ability to easily communicate.


For your press conference, logistics are another large part of the equation. Generally there is limited time at the venue so we like to ask the following questions to make sure that everything is taken care of:

  • Is your event outdoor? If so, what is the plan for rain?
  • Is your press conference in a high traffic area? You may need your A/V company to provide stanchions
  • Is there reliable power? Many press conferences are in locations without power so you may need a generator.
  • How many media are you anticipating? This will determine how many press feeds we need.

If you have a press conference coming up that you think could use lighting or a sound system, give us a call or click “Quick Quote” and one of our production coordinators will get you the info that you need!

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