Lighting Ideas for Corporate Events

Are you looking for ways to make your upcoming corporate event exciting, full of energy, and memorable? Adding lighting will help your event do just that!

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Stage lighting and effect lighting can help set the tone of your corporate event. It’s important to have the right balance of lights at your event. If you add too many lights, or if your event is too bright, it will make your event seem industrial, urban, and rigid. If you don’t add enough light, the event may feel tired and flat. Great lighting will create the perfect ambience and texture for your event, it will help your attendees focus on the content being delivered, and it will make your event more memorable.

Here are four lighting concepts for you to consider at your next event.

1. Add Stage Wash

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Vancouver Stage Lighting

Adding stage wash to your event will brighten your stage and help your presenters stand out from the background. When stage wash is setup correctly, it will narrow the attention of the audience and show them where they should be looking. It will keep eyes from wandering and help the audience focus on the presentation at your event.

2. Add Colour Wash (uplights, downlights, and more…)

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Vancouver Stage Lighting

Colour wash can take bland rooms and event spaces and transform them into a unique atmosphere. Using LED lights, it is easy to add corporate colours and event branding.

This is especially important for simple venues, ballrooms, or conference centres that have been built as a generic structure with no real character. Since these types of venues don’t have a lot of character or texture, you can build ambience with lighting and decor.

Different stage wash techniques include uplighting, downlighting, and others.

3. Add Texture and Logos

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Adding texture is a great way to further add branding and character to your event. At Kettner Creative, we use GOBOs to project shapes and textures on to the walls.

A GOBO is a beam of light going through a stencil or template to create a pattern. GOBOs can project any design or pattern including abstract shapes, pictures, company logos and more. Since you can project a GOBO almost anywhere (ceilings, floors, and walls), they are a great way to add interest, while promoting your brand at the same time.

Having your logo in bright lighting at your event is a great way to give you event a more elegant feel.

4. Add Movement

Adding moving lights to your event is a great way to grab your guest’s attention, add energy, and highlight special features. A lighting designer can create a custom light show specifically for your event. This is great for musical performances, receptions, or introducing a keynote speaker.

Here is a quick video with another example of what is possible with moving lights!

LED Furniture

LED Furniture Vancouver

Are you looking to make your event memorable, re-inforce corporate branding, or simply looking to add more colour to your event? LED Furniture rentals will make your event something special that your guests will remember for years to come. At Kettner Creative, we have a wide selection of LED Illuminated Furniture for your upcoming event in Vancouver, and Western Canada.

Not only does LED furniture look great in the daytime as a solid white colour. But, when the sun goes down the LED light will come alive and bring energy and excitement to your event.

More Information

If you’re looking to add lighting to your upcoming event, contact Kettner Creative and one of our Production Coordinators would love to discuss your ideas. You can feel free to check out our event lighting packages, or we can create a custom package just for you.

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