How to Save Money With Energy Efficient A/V Equipment

Electrical Power Distribution

Are you planning an event right now? Did you know that some venues will charge you extra if you have A/V equipment that requires a lot of power? 

Depending on the needs of your event, the audio visual equipment may require a substantial amount of power to run all of the equipment. When choosing an A/V company for your next conference, see if they have newer, energy efficient equipment, or better options to help save you on energy/power costs.

Questions to ask an A/V provider

  • Does your equipment require 3 phase power?
  • Do you have LED lighting as an option?
  • How much power will you require from the venue?
  • Do you know how much the venue will charge for the power that is required?
  • Do you have any energy efficient alternatives?

Companies that use older equipment often require specialized power which must be provided by the venue. This involves bringing in a certified electrician and renting a large power distribution system. Newer equipment can run off of standard 15A circuits that are provided free of charge at most venues. 

At Kettner Creative, we have a large selection of new, energy efficient sound, lighting and projection equipment available to help make your next event affordable and extraordinary.

  • Our LED stage lighting features the latest technology for cutting down on power consumption while still maintaining the amount of light that you want for your event.. Lighting is often the largest source of power draw for an event, especially for concerts and performances. With LED lighting, this cost is reduced significantly.
  • Our modern sound systems also feature highly efficient amplifiers, which can even been run off of a small generator for outdoor events!

In addition to saving money, using energy efficient equipment is crucial for reducing your carbon footprint. 

For information on how we can help you plan your upcoming event, or if you have any questions about lowering the power requirements for your event, please Contact us today!

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