Four Creative and Fun Office Christmas Party Ideas

If done correctly, the office Christmas party should be one of the highlights of everybody’s year. A way to celebrate another year in the books and recognize the accomplishments you and your colleagues have achieved as a team. Too often however, the office Christmas party can be mundane and drab. How many ugly Christmas sweater and Yankee swap office parties can you attend before they all start to blend in to one another? So if you are in charge of planning this year’s Christmas party and are looking for something a little different and a lot of fun, here are four creative and fun office Christmas party ideas.

1. The Christmas Karaoke Party

One of the best and easiest ways to inject some levity into the annual office Christmas party is to have people get up on stage and sing their favourite songs. Whether they are really good or really bad, this is always fun for everyone.

You can rent the karaoke machine and the necessary audio/visual equipment for a very reasonable rate. This is a great way to foster a inner-office bonding without breaking your office party budget. To keep it festive, you can stipulate that the first portion of the evening must be for singing only Christmas songs and then, as the evening goes on, maybe feel free to open it up to standards and pop classics.

2. Winter Wonderland

There’s nothing quite like snow covered houses and treetops to put people in the Christmas spirit. So why not decorate your next office Christmas party in a snow-covered winter wonderland theme?

You can cover the tables and other furnishings in a white felt, decorated with snowmen, evergreen trees, and other Christmas icons. To really heighten the effect, you can rent special lights and string them up around the space to create a starry night effect which will reflect beautifully off the white interior.

Guests can dress in their favourite winter wonderland attire, whether it’s as a tobogganer, Christmas caroler, or perhaps even an old Saint Nicholas himself. There is no limit to the fun and creativity this Christmas party theme offers.

3. Christmas Movie Marathon

Is there anybody who doesn’t enjoy a really great classic Christmas movie? Whether it’s a true classic like Miracle on 34th St. or It’s a Wonderful Life or some of the more recent offerings like A Christmas Story or Elf, these are a lot of fun for everyone.

If you’re having an party in your office space itself, why not set up one of the rooms as a theatre room, rent a projector and requisite equipment, and run a series of these classics throughout the day?

As the day turns to night and the group wants to enjoy some beverages during the occasion, a fun drinking game would be to have everybody take a drink whenever they hear the word ‘Christmas.’

4. Christmas Party Prom

If you’re looking for an excellent way to provide some good old-fashioned silly fun at your next Christmas party, why not make it a Christmas party prom? Set up a red carpet for people coming in, have them pose for photos, and rent audio/visual equipment or hire a DJ and have a prom dance.

If you want to add an extra twist, you can stipulate a decade to go with the theme. You can have a 50s era Christmas party prom and play a lot of Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Or maybe make it an 80s Christmas party prom and have people come in their best neon leg warmers and dance to a lot of classic 80s tunes.

No matter what office Christmas party theme you go with, they’re easily adaptable to your particular office culture. So if doing a Yankee gift swap is something that you do every year and needs to be a part of it, you can always work it in no matter what theme you choose. But consider these if you’re looking for something a little different and a little bit wackier than your traditional office Christmas party.