How to Plan a Meeting or Conference in an Unfamiliar Location

Planning a conference or meeting in a location that you’re unfamiliar with can be a bit daunting. There are many things to consider before the event takes place. Planning should begin the moment you think of having a gathering full of people for business purposes.


Contact anyone who has had an event at the location. It’s best to get impressions from both guests and event planners to see how their point of view differs. Online reviews can be helpful for ruling out venues and paring the list down to a few favorites.If you know someone who has personally used the venue for their event, that’s a plus. You can tell them about your planned conference, find out if it would be a suitable place and trust in their judgment because of your familiarity with them personally.


Based on the conference itself, you’ll need to plan the best rooms for the various meetings. Should one meeting be held before a set time based on certain criteria? Should the meetings flow from one room to the next in an organized fashion? Will the participants require meals? Is there access for people with disabilities? Many venues claim to be accessible, but that should be verified.

Before visiting the venues, have a list of requirements handy. Know the kind of power requirements you’ll need. The ceiling heights can be important for acoustics and large screens as well. Visit the venue a few months in advance of the conference to check its suitable against your list of requirements.

Don’t settle for a less than suitable venue unless you’ve searched every possible location. Weigh the cons of each location. It might be possible to work around any problems as long as they are relatively minor.


Anyone who hasn’t planned a conference before should know that there will be many consultations with professionals required. An A/V specialist can help you prepare any technology used at the event from special lighting to video presentations and microphone and speaker components.

Consult with a caterer regarding meals. With the invitations, make sure that anyone with special accommodations like food allergies alert you to their requirements.

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