Why Yamaha DXR Speakers Are Perfect For Corporate Events

When choosing a set of speakers for your next event, it can be hard to know how to get the best quality for your money. Yamaha’s DXR speaker line offers exceptional quality at an affordable price. You’ll get a great looking speaker with crisp, clear sound that will provide vocal clarity as well as a great low end for music applications.

The DXR line includes the following loudspeakers:

There is also a DXS which includes the following subwoofers

Features and What They Do

The Yamaha DXR powered speakers feature (3) XLR input channels, (2) ¼ inch input channels and (2) RCA input channels, each with adjustable volume knobs. What this means, is that you have the ability to run a small event without the need for a external mixer. For small events with only a couple inputs, you can simply plug and play. This allows you to easily plug microphones, instruments and other audio sources right into the back of a speaker, turn the speaker on, adjust your volume, and you’re ready to go.

Why These Speakers Are Perfect for Your Events

Yamaha makes an entire DXR line of speakers at a variety of price points and sizes. Regardless of your budget or your needs, you can find the perfect DXR speaker for you. Yamaha has a reputation for excellent quality sound at the best value. Period.

For meetings, conferences, and trade shows with mostly vocal use, we recommend the following:

  • 15-50 people – Either a pair of DXR 8 Speakers or DXR 10 Speakers
  • 50-100 People – Either a pair of DXR 10 Speakers or DXR 12 Speakers
  • 100-200 People – Depending on the room, you will want either 2 or 4 DXR 12 Speakers
  • 200-400 People – Depending on the room, you will want either 2 or 4 DXR 12 Speakers or DXR 15 Speakers.

For performances, concerts, and other applications with live music, we recommend pairing the DXR speakers with the DXS Subwoofer that Yamaha also produces.

Portability and Flexibility

Yamaha’s DXR speaker line offers side handles and durable construction. They are extremely easy to carry, move, and place on stands, or use as floor monitors.

Whether you need small speakers for the occasional meeting or presentation or large speakers for outdoor concerts, the DXR line offers the right speaker for you. They’re easy to use, extremely portable, and available in several size and price configurations.

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