TVs Are Better Than Projectors For Summer Weddings

Celebration of Life Audio Visual

Every bride wants the details of their wedding to be absolutely perfect. The food, the venue, the decor, and the photos of their special day.

The photo slide show isn’t typically the most planned element of your wedding, but assuming that a typical projector and screen setup will work in your venue can be a mistake, especially for summer weddings.

Ambient Light

A large disadvantage of projectors, is that their image is easily washed out by natural light. In order to achieve the same brightness as a TV, you’ll need to use a very high end projector. A less expensive TV rental also has a higher contrast ratio, which will help make your pictures and video come alive! TV’s can accurately reproduce the colours in your content for a fraction of the cost of a projector.

In Vancouver especially, most of the venues have incredible views and vast amounts of light, which is amazing for everything except the slideshow. When the moment comes to show everyone the photos throughout your relationship, you want the images to be bright enough that all of your guests can see.

Foot Print

TVs also have a much smaller footprint, which will allow you to have more space for tables, guests, and activities at your wedding. Most projectors need to be setup somewhere between 12-18′ from the screen which can use up a lot of valuable real estate and in some situations it can mean shortening the guest list to accommodate the projector/screen. In contrast, our TV stands only take up 2’x3′ and fit nicely along the walls.

Multiple TVs

A common objection is that one TV won’t be enough for everyone to see. To solve this issue, multiple TV’s can be placed throughout the room, to give everyone a clear view of the slideshow. In rooms with pillars or walls blocking sight lines, multiple TV’s will help solve this issues. A video splitter is used to take the image from a single laptop, and display it on each screen at the same time. By using height adjustable TV stands you can make sure seated and standing guests have a clear view of the screens.

Here are a couple videos that we’ve put together to make sure that you choose the right TV and stand for your event.

Do you need any advice on choosing the right option for your event? On of our production coordinators would be happy to discuss the needs of your upcoming wedding to make sure that everything is perfect on your special day. Simply contact us using the contact form, or give us a call 604-427-1629.