How To Select The Right Speaker For Your Event

Yamaha DXR Speaker Lineup

The speaker is one of three variables that can make a massive impact for how your event sounds to your audience (The other two variables being input source , and the mixing device). Having the right speaker layout and audio coverage will make sure that all of your guests are able to hear your content at a reasonable volume no matter where they are within the space.

Since we are huge fans of Yamaha audio equipment, our speaker lineup is composed of Yamaha speakers which we’ve found offer the best value for the events that we produce. Their ability to produce accurate, responsive sound in a variety of situations and venues is unmatched at their price point and we believe they are the best speakers on the market in their respective categories.

Yamaha DXR8

Yamaha DXR8The Yamaha DXR 8 is the smallest speaker in the Yamaha DXR lineup. It is great for presentations and events with less than 100 guests and is perfect for tradeshow booths, or breakout rooms where you want the sound equipment to have the smallest footprint possible.

This powered speaker has a variety of inputs on the back to easily connect these speakers to a mixing console, laptop, DJ mixer, or other media device.

Yamaha DXR12

Yamaha DXR12The Yamaha DXR 12 is the workhorse of our inventory. With the same inputs as the Yamaha DXR8, it is slightly larger and capable of reproducing sound at a higher volume. This is the perfect speaker for the majority of events with less than 400-500 guests. If your event is indoor we recommend providing (1) DXR12 for every 100 guests. This is a general rule, but we’ve found that it is fairly accurate.

These speakers also work really well for stage monitors for bands and performances. It has a DSP switch on the back where you can put the speaker into “monitor mode”, which will reduce the amount of bass that rumbles through the floor of your stage, which is common with bands that are performing indoor.

Yamaha DSR112

The Yamaha DSR112 is an upgraded version of the Yamaha DXR12. It has a solid wood frame coated with LineX to make it extra durable.

The interior speaker components are upgraded, which provides a more accurate reproduction of sound.

The DSR112 are capable of an astonishing maximum peak SPL of 134dB. This makes the DSR112 is a perfect match to a wide range of portable PA applications for supporting music or small touring acts and is ideal for use as a front of house main PA system.

Yamaha DSR115

The Yamaha DSR115 is the big brother to the DSR112. With a larger speaker cone, it is perfect for musical events and events that need more firepower than the DSR112 can provide. This speaker is perfect for DJs and EDM type music that demand a larger speaker to provide the sound and volume that they need at their event.

Nexo Geo M10

The Nexo GEO M10 is the perfect line array for situations that that a typical front loaded, powered speaker cannot handle. The Nexo GEO M10 has easy rigging points and incredible processing and amplification. The Nexo GEO M10 is perfect for events with up to 2000 attendees, indoor or outdoor.


If you’re looking for more information, we’ve also put together a quick video that goes through these speakers in greater detail.

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