Why Do I Need a Video Switcher?

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As your event date approaches, you are probably getting into the nitty-gritty of planning the details of your event. As you rehearse your presentations and think of the transitions it is common to think about how the screens will look to your audience. The most dreaded possibility is that the audience will see your desktop while you toggle back/forth between presentations. This is where a video swticher can help!

What is a Video Switcher?

Much like it’s audio-related cousin, a video switcher is a device used to merge two or more video inputs into one output feed. This means that you can have multiple laptops, video cameras, etc. all wired into a single swticher, then simply select which input source you want to appear on the screen of your event.

When Would I Need a Video Switcher

Here are some scenarios that may require the use of a video switcher:

  1. Multi-Cam Webcasting – Perhaps your organization is doing your own version of a TED talk on a topic that is germane to your clients or stakeholders. The best way to reach a wider audience is to make the presentation live on the web. But rather than just placing a camera on a tripod in the back of the room, you’ll want to employ the use of multiple cameras so you can switch between wide and close shots as well as cutting to previously recorded video content. To do this you will need a video mixer to transition seamlessly between the camera and video feeds.
  1. Video Podcasting – As more podcasts are transitioning from audio only to audio and video, the need for video mixers is growing at a significant rate. As with the previous scenario, you’ll want to be able to cut between close-ups and a two or three shot, depending on how many people are involved in the podcast. The use of video mixer is one of the best ways to establish an air professionalism and separate yourself from the “amateur” pack.
  1. Live Event Switching – This type of video production is often found in churches and corporate events that require flawless transitions between various input sources (Laptops, Cameras, etc. As with the others, a seamless professional feed to the screens is not possible without a video mixer.

If you’re planning an event, please contact us and one of our account managers will be able to help you decide wether or not a video switcher is right for your event!