The Benefits of Using a Confidence Monitor

If you’re a presenter, you probably have something you’re passionate about that you want to communicate to your audience. It might be an exciting idea worth sharing, or it might be an inspiring idea that could move people to action. Either way, the delivery of your presentation is vital. You want to do your best and exude confidence. A confidence monitor is one aspect of your presentation that could make all the difference.

What is a Confidence Monitor?

When you’re presenting, visuals are a great way to connect your audience to the presentation. Creating a PowerPoint presentation to go with your verbal delivery can make all the difference between a good presentation and a great one. Generally, a presenter’s PowerPoint will be displayed on a screen behind the presenter. With this setup, the audience sees your presentation, but you can never be sure what the audience is seeing on the screen unless you’re repeatedly looking back at the screen yourself.

This is where a confidence monitor comes in. A confidence monitor will often be a 32″ ¬†monitor that is placed in front of the speaker somewhere that won’t be distracting to the audience. The presenter can now see exactly what the audience sees.

The Benefits of a Confidence Monitor

A confidence monitor helps the presenter to keep their attention focused on their audience because they’re never having to look away. Having a confidence monitor eliminates any unnecessary stress that you might feel while wondering what slide the audience is seeing as you’re presenting.

Another benefit of a confidence monitor is its ability to keep the presenter on target with the content of their presentation. If you’re delivering your presentation, even if you forget where you were headed next in your verbal delivery, the slides on the confidence monitor can help keep your mind on track.

A confidence monitor can also be combined with a stage timer to let the presenter know throughout their presentation how much time they have left to present. This guarantees the presenter has enough time to deliver their presentation and doesn’t have to leave anything out.

A More Confident Delivery

A confidence monitor can give a presenter the confidence they need to deliver an engaging and inspiring presentation. If you want to do your best, don’t make your next presentation without the aid of a confidence monitor.

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