4 Types Of Wireless Mics For Your Event

Wireless microphones are ideal for keeping stages clean, and offering maximum mobility for musicians, presenters, and trainers. We’ve put this guide together to showcase the four most popular types of wireless microphones in our inventory and to provide examples of when you would want to choose one microphone instead of another.

At Kettner Creative, all of our wireless microphones use Shure ULX wireless technology. Shure ULX wireless microphones offer the best value in terms of providing a clean signal, 300′ range, and a reasonable price.

Shure ULX Beta 871) Handheld Microphones

Wireless Handheld microphones are rugged and versatile. These microphones feature the highest quality of audio out of all of the wireless options due to the size of the diaphragm that is on the handheld microphones.

Handheld microphones are good for:

  • Speeches
  • Musicians
  • Q&A / Audience Feedback
  • Presenters who can hold a microphone while presenting


Vancouver Lapel Mic Rental2) Lavalier, Lav, Lapel, or “Clip on” Microphones

Lavalier microphones, commonly referred to as lavs or lapels are great for keeping your hands free during a presentation. Lavaliers are also easily hidden using the many versatile mounting options available. The reduced size of the microphone means that there is a slight loss of quality, but often the increased mobility will make it worth it.

Popular uses for lavalier or lapel microphones

  • Public Speaking
  • Interviews
  • Stage Performances
  • Houses of worship


Countryman Wireless Microphone3) Countryman

Countryman microphone is the industry standard when it comes to high quality, light weight, comfortable, and discreet microphones for public speaking. This microphone is also ideal for keeping your hands free. The Countryman is a miniature lavalier microphone for general public speaking, interviews, stage performances, video and film shoots, houses-of-worship applications and much more. The capsule is also resistant to moisture, which allows for placement in hair and on bare skin. In addition, its omnidirectional polar pattern minimizes handling noise, wind noise and plosives (popping).

Common uses for a countryman microphone include:

  • Public Speaking
  • Interviews
  • Stage Performances
  • Houses of worship


4) Fitness Headset

A fitness headset features a wireframe that fits securely and comfortably for fitness and aerobics instructors. Moisture-repellent hydrophobic fabric protects the microphone cartridge from harmful corrosion that occurs in humid environments.

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