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Wireless Microphone

How do wireless microphones work?

It’s almost impossible to get through an entire day without seeing one and yet, we hardly give them much thought. Whether it’s at the pop star’s concert, on a daytime talk show, in the Zumba class at your gym, or at your child’s school talent show, you’ve certainly seen someone using a wireless microphone. If […]


4 Types Of Wireless Mics For Your Event

Wireless microphones are fantastic for keeping stages clean, safe, and offering maximum mobility for musicians, presenters, and trainers. We’ve put this guide together to showcase the four most popular types of wireless microphones and to provide examples of when you would want to choose one microphone instead of another. At Kettner Creative, all of our wireless […]

31 Band EQ to prevent feedback

How To Prevent Audio Feedback

Different spaces can make presentations and live audio extremely hard to work with. Echoes, sound-absorbing fixtures and irregular architectural shapes can ruin the way sounds reach the attendees’ ears. This can leave audiences with a bad impression of the content or production you’re trying to deliver. Fortunately, we’ve picked up quite a few handy tricks […]

President Obama with the iconic Shure Sm57

What makes a good podium mic?

Selecting the appropriate podium microphone is essential to setting up an effective presentation, conference or event. Of course, podium microphones come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that it’s important to get familiar with the options before making a final selection. Here are a few pointers from experts who have been at it for quite […]

Shure SM58 Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic Microphones vs Condensor Microphones

Are you confused about what microphone you want to rent for an upcoming event? What microphone is the best for your situation? Today, we’ll tackle the age-old question and help you determine whether you ought to use a condenser or dynamic microphone. As you’ll soon discover, the answer isn’t always straightforward. The Basics Condenser microphones […]