What Does An A1 (Audio Engineer) Do?

What Does an A1 Audio Engineer Do?

When it comes to event production and audio visual companies, the A1 (Audio Engineer) is the top position for everything relating to audio and sound.

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What does an A1 (Audio Engineer) do?

There is a lot of flexibility with the role (depending on the size and type of event) but typically the A1 Audio Engineer is responsible for:

  • Operating the audio console (typically)
  • Technical design of the sound system
    • Speaker type(s)
    • Sound system size
    • Sound system deployment
    • Microphone selection
    • Wireless microphones
    • Sound setup
    • Sound system strike (teardown)
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Sound System Planning

Since the A1 is typically involved in the sound system design, they are also involved in the planning prior to the event. They will collect technical riders (specs) from all of the performers, bands, DJs, and presenters and make sure that all of the technical requirements are met.

Operating The Console

The A1 Audio Engineer will typically operate the console or act as a “house engineer” for a touring audio engineer to make sure that they are comfortable with the equipment that has been provided.

Depending on the size of the event, the A1 will also mix monitors and manage the wireless microphones. If there is an A2 at the event, they will often delegate these tasks to them.

Setup and Strike (teardown)

The A1 Audio Engineer is always involved in the setup to make sure that everything is setup as it was designed. They are around to make decisions that arise at the last minute and are considered to be the “chief” of all things audio.

For the teardown/strike, it’s fairly common fo the A1 to leave most of the teardown to the A2 if there is one at the event.